Robert Place: Illustratior

Flower Maiden

The Flower Maiden of the Gwragedd Annwn
According to Welsh legend, in ancient times, on an island in the center of the lake, there lived the Gwragedd Annwn, a fairy folk, who would provide the most exquisite fruits and flowers and entertain their guests with enchanting music.

Love Needs No Words

Love Needs No Words
An art print created in Photoshop on the theme of love.

Beauty Adorns Virtue

Beauty Adorns Virtue
Another art print created in Photoshop on the theme of love.


This Illustration of a ghost was created for the cover of a book on ghosts published by Chelsea House.


This illustration of Asteria, the Goddess of the stars, was created for Town and Country magazine.

the Frog Prince

The Frog Prince
A princess kisses a frog in this fairytale illustration.

the Ugly Fairy

The Ugly Fairy
Another fairy came in. She was not beautiful, she was ugly. And, she was furious because she had not been invited to the party. She had a big sack over her back and she lugged it down the middle of the room in front of all of the people.
This illustration was created for the children's book Waking Beauty.

Night Light

Safe Entry Ad
This is one panel from an advertisement for an electronic device that can light a series of lights at once. The style of the illustration is based on Batman animations.

the Bell Witch

The Bell Witch
In the 1800's in North Carolina, John Bell was cursed by a witch. As the curse took effect, he found that he was unable to sleep.
Created for The Encyclopedia of Ghosts and Spirits, published by Facts On File


This illustration of Bigfoot was created in pen and ink and Photoshop for The Atlas of the Mysterious in North America.


This illustration was created for a proposed dictionary of mythic animals.

Counting Beam

Electronic Counting Device
This illustration was created to advertise an electronic device that counts customers.

Counting beam-2

Electronic Counting Device
This illustration was created for the same ad as above.


Nike Poster
This poster, with the goddess Nike hovering over a cascade of craft objects, was created for the 1995 American Artisan Craftsfair, which is held in Nashville in a park next to a full-size recreation of the Parthenon.

Millbrook ad

Crafts Fair Ad
This image was created for posters and newspaper ads for the Millbrook Crafts Fair.


This is a one of a kind portrait that Place created in mixed media.

Robert Place creates illustrations in pen and ink or Photoshop and Illustrator that meet the highest professional standards and has worked with lettering and layout. He can draw anything. He is multi-talented, original, and highly motivated. He can quote prices on illustrations, covers, lettering, logos, ads, and posters. His clients have included the TV series Moonlight, Town and Country Magazine, Penguin, HarperCollins, Thorsons, Jeremy Tarcher, Facts On File, Total Sports Illustrated, Llewellyn, US Games, Prentice-Hall, Realis, Inner Traditions, Lindisfarne, and Gnosis Magazine.

To contact Robert M. Place to ask for a quote or a CD with samples of more of his work:

call: (845) 246-0180


Robert M. Place
34 Moon Rd.
Saugerties, NY 12477


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