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Sybil When faced with a difficult decision, we have all wished for a wise friend to turn to, one who has insight and experience and who can guide us to the best choice. The true purpose of divination is to find that guidance from the Divine Self that is within all of us. As a Tarot card reader, my job is to stay out of the process and let the Higher Self do the talking and my reading techniques do just that. Tarot card readings are healing and instructive. Instead of predicting the future, they work best when they are used to help us create a more fulfilling future.

I have developed techniques that allow the cards to become the tool of the Higher Self and that are designed to analyze a specific situation. These are the same techniques that I describe in my books on the Tarot. My readings give insight into how we are interacting with others and how others feel about us. They reveal the unconscious motives behind our actions, they help us to empathize with the people who matter to us, and they always obtain advice from the Higher Self, advice that can empower us and help us to make decisions that create a better life. My reading techniques are especially well suited for obtaining guidance for questions about love and career choices.

  •  Are you faced with a difficult choice at work?
  • Are you contemplating a move or a change of career?
  • Would you like to know how to improve your relationship with a loved one or are you thinking that it is time to call the whole thing off?
  • Are you wondering if you should date that person who has expressed interest in you or which person you should ask out?

    All of these questions and more can benefit from advice from the Higher Self, and you can obtain that advice through an email, over the phone, or in person. I am available to help you find answers to your questions from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm on most week days and Saturdays.

    The following Recommendation is from astrologer Dena DeCastro

    "In 2008, I consulted Robert on an important career-related issue for a tarot reading. I had been introduced to his work through taking a teleclass with him on "Dream Divination," and had been so impressed with his knowledge and artwork that I purchased his "Alchemical Tarot" deck immediately. It was such a treat to have a reading from the actual artist that created the deck that was used for the reading, and to hear his insight into the images. I find that I go back to this reading frequently as I motivate myself to break through some of the blocks we discussed in that session. I recommend Robert for his insightful, knowledgeable, and practical approach."

    For more information about Dena, here is her web site:  Dena DeCastro M.A. Astrological Consulting and Education

    Scheduling and Fees

     e-mail & Mail:

    Your question can be handled by an e-mail or a letter for $40 per question.

    Simply e-mail your question to me with a $40 Pay Pal payment per question or mail you question to me with a check or credit card number and expiration date also $40 per question. I will send the answer back in the same form within 5 working days.

    Be sure to frame your question as a choice or as a request to improve a relationship.

    If it is a relationship with a person, I need to know the first name of the other person and their general relationship with you.

    If it is a relationship with an institution or firm, I need to know the name or purpose of the institution or firm, and your general relationship with them.

    A relationship can be between yourself and another person, a job, a firm, an institution, an idea, or even between your body and mind. I can analyze where the relationship is now, where it is likely to be heading and get advice on how to improve the relationship.


    A phone reading can be more rewarding because it allows for delving deeper into a question.

    Phone readings are $40 minimum, which coveers the first 30 minutes.  Then it is $1 per minute after that.  You must give me a credit card number and expiration date at the beginning of the reading. I will tell you the time that we are starting and at the end I will tell you the time and the total amount that will be charged before you hang up.

    To schedule a phone reading, e-mail me and I will give you an appointed time to call. Tell me if you prefer the morning, afternoon, or evening, a week day or a Saturday.

    I will handle all readings personally.

    In Person:

    In person reading are $100 per hour at my home or $150 per hour if I travel.  They can take place at my home or I can travel to your home if you live in the New York area and can find at least three friends who would want a reading on the same day and at the same place.  Please write or phone to inquire about in person readings. Also, I come to New York City once a month to do readings priced at $100 for 50 minutes. Send me your email if you wish to receive a notice of these dates.

    Contact Information:

    e mail:

    Robert M. Place
    34 Moon Road
    Saugerties, NY 12477


    (845) 246-0180

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